Decoration and technology get married and give birth to
the magnificence of Decori & Decori wallpapers


10,05 x 1,06 m

We are in Florence. Already in the twelfth century a new phenomenon
linked to luxury began to develop: fashion.
It was precisely the art and textile richness of the Florentine Renaissance
that inspired us for this collection.
The very luxurious fabrics were demanded everywhere: from the Middle East to Asia,
from Spain to the court of the Holy Roman Empire in Prague, from Sicily to the Baltic Sea.
Even the artisans and painters, in particular, took ample inspiration from the fabrics and
fashion of the time, to the point of “transferring” the luxurious textures of the fabrics
onto the tables and frescoes kept in the city.
Only in Mirabilia you can find wallpapers as if they were hand-sewn fabrics, to give you
the opportunity to decorate the walls of your homes with real Florentine fabrics.


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